Eatome (adventurous journey)

It was the day of final dragon’s den presentation a very important day for us. All the hard work we have down up until now will be validated based on this presentation. The winner of the Dragen’s den presentation will go on to representation Kingston in Young Enterprise at national level. We had been preparing for this presentation for a good week, we practised for it countless number of time until we though we are doing our best.


From my past experience, with a good presentation it is also important to look presentable as appearance makes a lot of a difference it shows how serious we are. So, we all decided to wear blue as this was one if our main colour in our branding also it looks very professional. We did our presentation and it went so well that we finished it dead on 6 minutes this showed the judges that we have done a lot of practise. Presentation went really well as a result we were select as one of the four teams which were given the chance to pitch again to be the finalised of young enterprise finals. We did our best but unfortunately, we were not selected to go the finals.


We did well in last two trade fairs as a result during the enterprise award ceremony we were recognised and given the award for best product and best service. All these recognition and positive feedback has given us motivation to carry on with Eatome in future. One our course is over we will have a meeting in which we will discuss who wants to carry on with this business idea and who wants to leave but Eatome will keep going for sure.


This year has thought me a lot, I learned new ways “lean” way to come up with the problems that are worth solving. Though this journey I meet some amazing people who helped me service this complex journey.




Together we are EATOME

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Eden the freezing Walk Trade fair!!!

From our last mock presentation, it really helped us to boost our confidence and motivation to keep going. We have our main trade fair today at Kinston Eden walk. The weather is really cold, the motivation to come of my team members to attend the fair was going down. Nobody wanted to be out in show for 4-5 hours.


We still gathered all our motivation to continue with the hard work we have been putting in until now. We managed to get to the trade fair venue.  This time we only showcased our app and website with few copies of our business report on our table.  Out of 18 only 5 teams made it to this trade fair and I was very happy that we were one of those teams. This showed that we really had passion for our idea and we really wanted more and more people to know about it.


When judges same to our table we showed them the latest version of our prototype app which they really liked. with that they also looked at our business report which answered most of their questions. Due to the freezing weather the trade fair ended before expected but we are confident that judges like idea and the way we pitched to them. We will get the result for this trade fair at our final trade fair and enterprise award ceremony.

No pictures for this blog because it was too cold to take my hands out of my pocket to take any picture……. :p

Not Giving up

From the feedback, we received from the last trade fair we have made few changes to our colour scheme and logo. We have been advertising our app through different social media platforms to promote our brand and to increase our customer base.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 13.25.16



It’s the day of our mock dragons’ den presentation, we have been preparing for this from the last week and all our team members are very excited for it. Everything was going well, we printed leaflets to give them to judges with our prototypes for them to see our app.


However, last minute we got to know that one of our team member can’t make it to presentation. He was supposed to open and close our pitch, considering he our team one of best speaker that’s why this was a very panicking moment for our team. First we decided to not go for the presentation at all as we are not prepared but later on after a long discussion we decided we will split the beginning and ending between two of us and just carry on with the presentation.


As per plan we presented our pitch, it went better than our expectation. Judges really liked our pitch and they could the improvements we have made from the last time we pitched up until now. We received some really positive comments in fact one of the judge said, “he would have invested in our idea if he was an investor” this boosted our confidence and moral to keep going despite of all the complications. One thing I learned today is not to give up and give it a try even if you think you won’t do well.


Making Things Happen!!

Trade fair went quite well for us received some really positive feedback and managed to people to sign up to our mailing list. There are few tips we received regarding our colour scheme that we can change to make it look more appealing for our users. We have contacted our developer to make those changing to our app. We have started finding investors that can help us build our app as we require a minimum of £5000 to build a fully functional app.


We have mock dragons den presentation coming up soon so we have started preparing for that too. We have set regular meeting to practice for the presentation as this is a good chance for us to get feedback on our presentation before the real one and improve anything which is needed. Apart from this we have another trade fair coming up which will be held in Kingston market place through which we can attract a wider range of people and boost our customer base.


Next few weeks are very crucial for team Eatome and there is a lot to be done before the presentation and the trade fair. I will keep you updating with our progress and struggles that we face to make things happen.


Trade Fair “Best sales Team”

The big day finally arrived we all were very nervous and excited at the same time. As per plan we arrived the way earlier so we could promote the trade fair and get as many people as we can to come to our stall. So, I printed around 100 flyers and with my team member, we started handing out the flayer to people all around the campus and we managed to convince quite a lot of people to come to our stall.


So, far this was a good start of the day everything was going per our plan, after distributing the flyers we went to the fair area and started setting up our stand. We had food samples from our supplier which we displayed on our stand for people to taste and get their opinion on the food. Apart from that we also had our app prototype and website up on our stand.

eatome tradefair

The trade fair started and people started coming to our stall, we could see the idea of handing out flyer worked for us as quite a few people which came to our stand was quite to the promotion that we did earlier today.


One thing which didn’t really went according to the plan was the food samples. People where really liking the food and would keep coming back for it. However, under Young Enterprise rules we were not allowed to have any direct contact with the food, which meant we are not allowed to keep or sell food on our stand. Due to this we were asked to remove food samples from our table. Now we only had two iPad and three phones our stand to show our website and app prototype. Even though, our stand was looking a bit empty but we were still managing to attract people to our stand.

eatome trade fair 2.jpg

We had got a very good response from the people about our idea and they also really liked how our prototype was looking. We managed to get over 100 people signed up to our website, this was included the jugs who came to our stand to judge our idea and our sales skills.

eatome trade fair 3.jpg

An amazing day came to end, it was such a good learning experience for me and my team members. The day went really well for us, we received some good feedback and few tips on how we can improve our app in future. It was time to announce the winners from the trade fair we very all very excited, this waiting time is always very nerve-racking. Our lecturer started announcing the winners and I am so pleased and happy to say that we managed to secure the very first award which was of ‘Best Sales Team’. This is just a start of our adventures journey we still have a long way to go.

best sales team



I am very excited to say that Eatome’s prototype app is ready before time. This gave us the chance to test it before the trade fair. From all the hassle of preparing for the trade fair, having our prototype time app in hand is a big relief. The app frame work meets our requirement and all the team member are very happy with it.



As I learned in my last lecture “don’t wait for a right moment to start promoting, start as soon as you can” so we are going to go with theory, instead of waiting for the trade fair the team has decided that we are going to start interacting with our potential customers to take their feedback on our app and also to get as many sign ups as we can before the trade fair.


So when we launch at the trade fair we will already have a “Eatome” community and we can use trade fair to add on to that community. We have decided that we will start promoting our food buddies as they are the heart of our business. We will take the sample food from our food buddies as promote it during the trade fair so we can take feedback from our potential consumers and also check the demand of the food as well.


Apart from that we will also have our website up and running which we will use to get sign ups, we are also going to have a Eatome banner for the marketing purposes. Our marketing director is also designing flyers which we are going to handout in the whole of our campus and other campuses as well to drive traffic for the trade fair. I will keep you up updated with what happens during the trade fair, how did our launch go and wither people liked our app as well as the sample food or not. Until then goodbye and stay tuned…..



Real People, Real Food , Real Home

We are


Prototype in progress

It’ s been a while since I last posted a blog. In my previous blog, I mentioned that we finally decided what exactly do we need in our App, how many screens do we require etc. After struggling to find a web developer in UK, we have finally found a web developer in Pakistan, which a friend introduced to me.


We have explained all our requirements to the developer and he is quite positive that he can develop a good quality app frame work for us within two weeks. Now things are looking good for us as in two weeks’ time we have a trade fair.


This is a very good opportunity for Eatome as we can utilise this to launch Eatome as we will have our prototype app ready to show our potential customers and take feedback from them as well as a good way to market our brand.